* Review guidelines for the prevention of coronary heart diseases.
Review strategies to control cardiovascular risk factors.
* Debate on the review of epidemiological studies in relation to heart disease and risk factors.
* Discuss the role of genetics in the development of heart disease and ways to prevent and treat heart   disease.
* Review importance and role of nutrition in the management of cardiovascular risk factors and primary and secondary prevention of vascular diseases.
* Review importance of exercise in controlling risk factors and primary and secondary prevention of coronary artery disease.
Examine the role of traditional medicine in treating heart disease prevention strategy and.
The Role of cardiac rehabilitation in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
* Discuss the role of imaging in early diagnosis of heart disease and monitoring treatment of heart patients.
Review application of stem cells in heart disease prevention and treatment strategies.
Review therapeutic strategies for prevention of sudden cardiac death resulting from arrhythmia.
Due to the successful holding four meetings on the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
As well as increasing heart disease and high percentage of deaths due to cardiovascular problems
Cardiovascular Research Center,Shiraz University of Medical Sciences,according to its duty to prevent this disease Cardiovascular Congress will be held in Shiraz. In this congress,experts from the Middle East,Europe,America and Iran will attend.
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